Liz Flores, Founder


Liz Flores, SPHR

My experience started when I chose a career in the Workers’ Compensation
industry, working six years inside with insurance brokers handling employers’
injury claims. With that knowledge, I pursued a career as a third-party administrator
where I oversaw the W/C claims of over 300 clients, monitoring that the brokers
were managing our clients claims accordingly to assure cost and management.
With this knowledge, I started my Human Resources management career. I had the
opportunity to start-up a Human Resources Department which was originally handled
by a private owner and of course conflicted with interests of the employees. I came on
board and took over the HR responsibilities from the owner, I established and
managed a Human Resources Department for a home decor manufacturing company
that employed over 200 employees. This was a great learning experience for me where
I gained the majority of my HR experience and knowledge. I enjoyed 4 great years
with this company until it’s merger and relocation to the east coast.

Thereafter, my knowledge and experience took me to my next career as an
HR Administrator of a Southern California financial institution that housed
more than 250 employees. This opportunity became the most challenging for me
as an HR Professional but I learned to embrace those challenges to better equip me
for future endeavors within this industry of which I have much passion for. I chose
to move on as my integrity and values were not of mutual benefit and agreement
with this company. Sometimes as an upcoming professional, you will be faced with
such decisions. I’ve learned to never allow money or prestige to get in the way of what
you represent. I later learned that this same company went bankrupt a year later.
So I was grateful that I made the right decision.

Shortly after, I was presented with the opportunity to oversee a staffing company
for Insurance Professionals where my background in Workers’ Compensation
and Human Resources allowed me to contract insurance professionals
within the Property & Casualty and Workers’ Compensation industries for the
Southern California region. I became the Branch Manager of the Los Angeles County
area where I managed insurance broker accounts of all sizes and stature.
This experience continued for 5 years until the downturn in the insurance industry
force many brokerage firms to merge, relocate or go out of business.

During this period, I was approached about another great Human Resources
management opportunity for an aerospace related manufacturing
company. The focus of my services was to assist them in reducing their
Workers’ Compensation claims crisis. This venture gave me the opportunity
to bridge my previous WC background along with my ongoing HR experience
in handling manufacturing companies with over a 400 employee base count.
I have been representing this company now for over 9 years; the WC premiums
that this client has saved within that time frame has increased by over $250,000.
I oversee many aspects of the HR Department’s functions as the HR Manager.
This career opportunity has extended my knowledge in the HR field by
incorporating an HR Professional obligations when working with
military government/aerospace contracts.

RAR HR has partnered up with some of the most qualified WC Examiners
and HR Consultants offering consultations and services in the areas of
Workers’ Compensation and Human Resources Management. This organization
is made of members who have been in the Workers’ Compensation and
Human Resources communities for years. We offer our expertise to businesses
of all sizes and corporate levels for optimum results.

In closing, as an WC/HR Professional, I can say that your skills and learning
enhancements are never-ending, always challenging and most importantly
rewarding when you can achieve the results your clients need you for the most.
That is what RAR HR is all about.

”Securing your people assets through qualified management.”

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